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#1- Let's Talk about Boarding Your Dog

#2 - Let's Talk about Canine Cough

#3 - Let's Talk about Boarding Geriatric Pets

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   Frequently Asked Questions
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#1 - Can I make a reservation via e-mail?

#2 - Can I come to your facility to inspect it before boarding?

#3 - Iím boarding my dog for the first time. What should I expect? Will my pet be nervous when I drop them off?

#4 - What vaccines and documentation do you require?

#5 - My pet is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?


#6 - May I bring my dog's bed or favorite toy for him to play with?

#7 - How long does it take to check in?

#8 - Iím traveling to Las Vegas with my pet, can I come and visit?


#9 - Is there a veterinarian on-site?Is someone there 24/7?


#10 - Can my dogs share a run or my cats share a condo?


#11 - Why do you remove collars from the pets?


#12 - Where are the dogs kept? 


#13 - What if my dog doesn't get along with other dogs?


#14 - Is there a lot of barking at your facility?

#15 - How is the boarding total calculated?


#16 - Can someone else pick up my pet?


#17 - Can my pet catch an illness by being kenneled with other pets?


#18 - Where is my dog going to go to the bathroom when in your care?


#19 - How long can my pet board? Do you discount for long term boarding?


#20 - Do you have a minimum or maximum age for boarding a pet?


#21 - Why do you charge extra for Dog Playtimes?


#22 - What happens if my pet becomes ill or has an emergency?

#23 - Why is my pet so thirsty when he comes home from a boarding visit?


#24 - Will my dog need to be bathed after boarding?


#25 - Is it normal for my dog to behave differently just after boarding?What should I expect after my pet returns home?


#26 - Why should I board my cat?


#27 - What can I do to lessen my catís anxiety about boarding?

#28 - Iím boarding my cat for the first time.What should I expect?

#29 - Are there more pictures?


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