Under current ownership since 1974, our well established, professional boarding facility is fully licensed, inspected, veterinarian approved and on call.  Daycare, overnight and long term boarders are welcome. 

Our pet-loving staff gives owners peace of mind by providing quality boarding and friendship at reasonable rates.  Your petís consumption, elimination and general overall wellness are monitored closely.  We will not hesitate to try and reach you or your emergency contact if there are any problems and you are always welcome to call and check on your pet.



 Fresh drinking water is available at all times.  Food is supplied for  dogs and cats(we have both dry and cans) or you may bring your own.

 We will take your instructions on feeding and accommodate any special diets your pets may require at no additional charge. And we are always happy to give out treats!

  If you do bring your own food, please put it in sealable (zip lock) bags or covered plastic containers.  Unless you free feed, please portion out your food.

If your pet is on any medications, we will complete a medication form at check in time.  Provide enough medication to cover your stay and then some (in the event of an unexpected extension of your travel plans). We can administer oral or topical meds, but not injections.  There are no additional charges for this service.


Please click on (FAQ #5) for more info on special diets & medications.


For protection of all pets in our care and based on recommendation from American Animal Hospital Association, we require vaccination records showing current immunizations for:

Dogs: Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper and Bordetella*.  Please be aware that some veterinarians only give the Bordetella vaccination if you request it, and some veterinarians require a bi-annual dose. 

Cats: Rabies and FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Feline Panleukopenia)

  If your petís vaccinations are currently expired, you need to get them immunized at least 3 days prior to your check in date.

EXCEPTION:  *If this is the dogís first Bordetella vaccination, or an annual Bordetella vaccination is expired by over 1 month, it must be given 10 days prior to boarding. 

Young Pets must have received their full series of vaccinations and adult boosters.

We prefer records be given or faxed (702-736-4168) to us prior to your arrival to ensure your pet has everything required and to speed up your check in. 

Can't find your records??  Most veterinarians don't mind producing a copy for you or you may have them fax directly to us before your check in date.  If your veterinarian is local Las Vegas, we can contact them directly for a verbal verification. 




Our individual spacious indoor/outdoor runs help to make your dog's stay a healthy and happy one.  While in our care your dog will be given personalized attention and handling.

Runs are separated by a block wall for privacy and sanitation and are completely enclosed with chain link fencing for safety and security.  They are climate controlled on the inside; covered and equipped with a Mist System on the outside. 

All runs are completely cleaned and sanitized twice daily, and are constantly monitored by our poop scoop patrol! Fresh water is available at all times and food is given according to your instruction.



Our cat boarding area is quiet and separated from the dogs.  Cats stay comfy in individual kitty condos which are climate controlled.  Accommodations are designed to provide the secure, cozy environment cats seek out.  

Bedding is kept in their condo continually for "purrrfectly" comfortable cat naps.  While in our care your cat will be given personalized attention and handling.  We also offer a multi-level kitty playroom for exercise.

Kitty condos and litter boxes are kept clean and sanitized throughout the day.  Fresh water is available at all times and food is given according to your instruction.




In addition to the interaction with pet care staff while boarding, we offer an optional Playtime Program.  Your dog(s) will enjoy individual time spent with a member of our staff in our 1/2 acre fully fenced grass yard with lots of trees!  They will play ball or just run around freely as they please. 

Includes toys to play with, lots of love and belly rubs!



We understand that your pet means everything to you.

  Please click here for FAQs and downloadable brochures

that should answer many of the questions you have. What

to expect, what to bring, what is required, etc.  And if you

 canít find an answer, feel free to contact us. Weíre listening

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